Whistle Blowing Policy

Whistle blowing is primarily for concerns where the interests of others or the organisation itself are at risk.

Small Wonders Childcare promotes and encourages good staff communication and any questions of Bad Practice should be dealt with satisfactorily long before the need for Whistle Blowing. Staff should feel they could raise questions about any area of concern during regular supervision or in staff group meetings so that practices can be revised and modified before they cause harm. However the responsibility for Whistle Blowing rests with any member of staff who is aware or has concerns regarding unacceptable practice even though “blowing the whistle” may cause ill feeling and create difficult and problematic situations. Any issues concerning areas of bad practice must be dealt with in the early stages, hopefully preventing any escalation. Staff who ignore the early warnings may find themselves implicated in the bad practice.


  • Identify the bad practice
  • Are there witnesses who will support you
  • Record exactly what was witnessed
  • Confide in someone objective and trustworthy Centre Manager/Supervisor
  • Get the support of colleagues
  • Get the support of an independent organisation NIPPA – 02890662825
  • Use formal procedures for complaints
  • Keep copies of all correspondence and relevant information
  • Ask to be informed about any outcome of the investigation

If you complaint is ineffective within Small Wonders Childcare use the local Belfast Trust Registering Authority or appropriate agency

  • Early Years Team Belfast Trust – 02890 604208
  • NSPCC – 0800 800 500
  • PSNI – 02890 265000
  • CHILDLINE – 0800 1111
  • Barnardo’s – 02890 672366






It would not be intended to use this Policy where other appropriate procedures are available, for example:

  • Complaints Policy and Procedures
  • Child Protection Policy and Procedures
  • Grievance Procedures


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