Health & Safety Policy

(Article 24 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) states that: “Children have the right to be as healthy as possible, live and play in a safe healthy unpolluted environment and benefit from preventive health care and education.”

Statement of Intent:

It is Small Wonders Policy to provide Children with a Healthy, Safe and stimulating Environment in which to work and play. If good health habits are developed early in life they are likely to be continued throughout life. It is our intention to promote healthy eating habits, socialization skills and healthy snacks. Children with special dietary needs will be catered for. Small Wonders Childcare has a no smoking policy in the centre. Small Wonders Childcare encourage parental communication and promote Partnership with a Parents Charter.

  • Safety Precautions: The main entrance to the building is locked at all times and has a buzzer system and intercom system. Fire Drills are carried out once a month. (See fire Evacuation Procedures.) These will be recorded and fire equipment checked and serviced frequently. All staff have regular training with the correct procedures in the event of an emergency occurring and have basis First Aid Training. The Centre Manager is the designated First Aider for the building and holds this certificate for 3 years. All staff must comply with COSSH government regulations and wear recommended disposable vinyl gloves as a necessary part of our policy when changing a child. Emergency contact telephone numbers, addresses, medical history and list of known allergies must be reported to Centre Manager and kept on file.

  • Out Door Safety: All outdoor areas will be checked and cleaned before the children use them. Parents/Carers must inform the office beforehand if someone other than the authorized person is coming to collect a child and produce photographic ID. On outings and trips staff must maintain frequent head counts and brief children to stay with the group. Staff must work to a KEY WORKER SYSTEM and present a copy of the key worker list to the Centre Manager beforehand. A mobile phone must be taken on all outings. All children on outings/trips must wear uniform tops and be instructed in advance of a designated meeting place.

  • Indoors: The activities on offer will meet the needs of the group, providing the children with challenge and the opportunity for success. The rooms will be bright, cheerful and well ventilated, providing a safe stimulating environment. Equipment and materials will be accessible and within all children’s reach, including children with special needs. All table top toys, play equipment and bean bags will be washed regularly. Dressing up clothes, blankets and aprons will be washed regularly. Children will be encouraged to respect their environment and the equipment provided. Children helping to tidy away at the end of the session can promote this skill. Staff and children will wear suitable clothing and footwear when in a group. Staff must wear a uniform at all times and children must wear a uniform top on all outings. Parents are requested to refrain from having children wear hoop earrings, chains and expensive jewellery when in the Childcare setting.

  • Kitchen: The kitchen area and work surfaces will be kept clean and wiped daily with disinfectant. Any food required for children will be stored in clean dry cupboards or fridge. The fridge should be kept at the required temperature and foods stored separately to prevent cross contamination.

  • Hygiene: Staff must use good frequent hand washing techniques and encourage children to was their own hands especially after using the toilet and before eating. Disposable paper hand towels are provided.

  • Attendance of Sick Children: Groups have clear policy on the limitation of attendance. Sick Child Policy and Guidance on the recommended period to be kept away from the childcare is available from CCDC on infection control in nurseries; reference child with transmittable disease returning to nursery. If there is an outbreak of head lice or any infection that is contagious all parents/carers will be informed and the necessary precautions taken.


All staff in Small Wonders Childcare must have regular First Aid Training and hold a valid First Aid Certificate. There is a designated First Aid Person assigned to the building. All accidents and incidents must be recorded promptly and reported to the Centre Manager. All accidents must be given immediate First Aid and reported to the Supervisor or Centre Manager. Reports must be completed in the accident booked and parents informed and given to read and sign. On admission parents/carers must comply with our Registering Body, The Belfast Trust and sign an Emergency Transport Consent Form, in the event of a Medical Emergency requiring emergency transport to hospital. All staff in Small Wonders Childcare must have regular training in Fire Prevention, Fire Safety and participate in monthly Fire Drills. Any non accidental injuries must be reported and recorded to the Centre Manager. All staff must have annual Child Protection Training. The Designated Child Protection Persons are Tracy Harrison and Nicole Adcock.

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