Settling In Policy

Small Wonders Childcare aim to ensure that children feel safe and secure in the absence of their parents /carers. The Childcare will therefore endeavour to make the settling in process a positive experience for children and will work closely in partnership with parents/carers.

Statement of Intent

Small Wonders Childcare recognise that each child is different and that the settling in period for one child may not be the same for another child. The child’s needs will be discussed with the parent that we may plan to meet their individual needs and resolve any difficulties quickly and smoothly. Appointments are not necessary to view the centre, however there is no visiting between 12 noon and 1:30pm, as this is a quiet time. Small Wonders Childcare is open from 7:30am to 6:00pm. Visitors may wish to phone and prior arrange to visit the centre between 9:30am and 11:30am or 2:00pm to 5:00pm when we would be happy to show prospective parents around the building. Staff will provide support and encouragement to parents/carers during the settling in period should transition be difficult. In some instances it may help at the beginning to shorten the childs day, until such times as the child feels secure in their new setting. Small Wonders Childcare are very supportive in helping the child and also the parent and aim to treat both parent and children individually. This may be the child’s first time away from the family and the child will need everyone’s support to help make the transition as easy as possible.


To help with the settling in, following enrolment the parent/carer may be offered a couple of hours over a two day period to encourage a child to settle in. This may be mornings or afternoons to enable parents to be in a position to stay with their child close to enrolment date. This may allow the child a feeling of security knowing the parent/carer is in the room or close by. This visit time may also allow the child to feel secure and comfortable and the opportunity to meet new friends. Parents/carers are encouraged to visit the childcare before admission to farmiliarise themselves with the setting. Parents/Carers visiting the centre are provided with a tour and shown the play rooms, facilities, outdoor play area and will have the opportunity to meet staff. Parents/Carers are encouraged to ask questions and are provided with information on what the Childcare has to offer, staffing and opening & closing hours. Prior to enrolment parents/carers are provided with information on payment arrangements and childcare fees and reservation policy and tax credit information. Policy and Procedure Guidelines and parent information packs are on display and made available to parents/carers on request. Prior to enrolment parents/carers are asked to complete a questionnaire to obtain necessary information in caring for the child. Parents/carers are encouraged to provide staff with information on their child’s likes an dislikes, dietary requests, interests, achievements and a questionnaire on child’s medical history and all necessary contact numbers. Parents/carers are welcome to stay in the Childcare with their child during any morning if this is required to settle their child.

Parents/carers and their children are encouraged to get to know the Key Worker. Staff will provide support and encouragement to parent/carer during the settling in period should the transition be difficult. Parents/carers are encouraged to separate from their children for brief periods at first, gradually building up their child’s confidence for longer absences. Parents/carers will be provided with daily verbal progress reports on their child.

  • Small Wonders Childcares commitment is to making the child’s settling in a positive experience.
  • Partnership with parents/carers.
  • Recognising each child as an individual with individual needs.


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