Equal Opportunities Policy

The UN Convention on The Rights of the Child (1991) states: “It is the States obligation to protect children from any form of discrimination and to take positive action to promote their rights.”

Statement of Intent:

Small Wonders Childcare are committed to encourage children and adults of every social class, religion, race and disability to achieve his/her full potential. We are aware of the importance of introducing an awareness of diversity and anti-discriminatory practice in early years education


Providing learning opportunities for the children that they might explore their own identity and build his/her self esteem free from attitudes which would limit their development. To protect children from stereotyping, sexism, racism, sectarianism, ageism and disability discrimination. To include all members of the group without prejudice. To ensure all staff have an understanding to differential needs in a diverse and multicultural society.


Small Wonders Childcare promote equal opportunities through a wide range of policies and procedures which are reflected in the practice of our early years setting.

Positive approach to diversity and promoting equality of opportunity, encourage children to respect the personality, rights and differences of others.

Endeavour to provide a range of activities and materials, which reflect a variety of lifestyles.

Endeavour to select books, stories, rhymes, posters and jigsaws that convey positive images of men, women and children without disability, from all cultural and racial backgrounds and in a range of non-traditional roles and lifestyles. Ensuring that staff attend relevant training where appropriate.

Seeking advice from relevant agencies as appropriate.

  • Admissions
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Special Needs
  • Anti Sectarianism Policy

Discriminatory Remarks:

Discrimination is unacceptable in this Childcare Unit and will be positively challenged by supporting the victim and helping those responsible to understand and overcome their prejudices.

Curriculum Provided and Resources:

Boys and girls are to have equal opportunity and be actively encouraged to use all activities. Without indoctrination we aim to acknowledge festivals celebrated by families in our local community and in the wider society through stories, activities, foods and clothing which reflect the diversity of life.

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