Toileting and Personal Care Policy

Statement of Intent:

Small Wonders Childcare support the right of the child to be safe and to protect from all forms of maltreatment, exploitation, physical, mental or sexual abuse and harm as outlined in articles 19 and 34 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989 and in compliance with The Children (N.I.) Order 1995. Small Wonders Childcare support the child’s development in ways which foster security, confidence and independence. Small Wonders Childcare Policy in compliance with the Belfast Trust is to ensure that all staff are qualified to meet the necessary level of professional experience. Small Wonders Childcare aim to ensure that staff are well informed about Child Protection issues on an annual basis and in line with current legislation to develop awareness skills of personal safety for staffs on protection and the protection of the child, based on the Kidscape programme.


Small Wonders Childcare promote a toileting and personal care programme and work in partnership with parents/carers to help the child develop a healthy interest in and understanding of how to look after his/her own personal needs. Staff will consult with parents/carers on a regular daily basis both verbally and in writing in the child’s communication book.

  • The baby changing unit for the personal safety and protection of the staff and the protection of the child shall be in an open area that offers privacy
  • Where a child is still in nappies we will obtain parents permission to change him/her when necessary
  • A child will never be left unattended on a nappy changing unit
  • Parents will be responsible for supplying nappies, baby wipes and nappy crème of their choice for their baby
  • Baby wipes will be used to clean babies unless they have a known allergy or parents instruct differently
  • Staff will dispose of soiled/wet nappies, wipes, gloves in nappy disposable bins
  • Changing unit will be cleaned on each occasion with disinfectant wipes
  • Staff will only institute toilet training on a parents instruction or request
  • Staff will try to ensure a child’s privacy whilst at the toilet or whilst being changed
  • If children are fairly independent in using the toilet, staff will encourage them to do as much for themselves as possible
  • Staff members will wash hands and support the child to do the same
  • Staff will help children be aware of when they need to use a handkerchief and how to use and dispose of it
  • A programme of dental hygiene will be carried out in the childcare unit, example care of the teeth and tooth brushing.


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