How to register for places in Small Wonders

All parent/guardians are required to complete a registration form. These forms can be obtained directly from Small Wonders. Please click here for contact and location details.

We are currently registered to provide child care for 7 full-time babies and 16 full-time toddlers.  Their is capacity to increase the toddler room to children 17 if required.  Small Wonders staff can provide parents with a tour of our Child Care facility and advise on our policies and procedures. 

If, after completing the registration form, we can offier your child a place we require a deposit of £50.00 to secure the place.

The response in our first term has been huge, we currently have a full baby room with a waiting list and 80% of our toddler room is now filled.  We always need to keep places in the toddler room for babies moving out of the baby room.

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